Prices and Fees

Effective Date: 12/17/2017 - All payable are due at the beginning of each month. Tuition and Fees should be paid on time. 

Mat Fee: $20.00

Per class, for all martial arts classes, if you come and pay for 3 classes in a month ($80).
You paid the Monthly for unlimited classes.

Adult Tuition

▪ Monthly $80.00 for Unlimited Classes.

▪ Weekly
$40.00 for Unlimited Classes.

▪ Yearly $960.00 for Unlimited Classes.


Training Packages Specials!

▪ Two Months Unlimited classes – $160.00

▪ Three Months Unlimited Classes - $240.00

▪ Six Months Unlimited Classes - $480.00


(These packages only available at the dojo).