American Shidoshi Kai
Suggestion for Bujinkan Teachers

As with being a member of the American Shidoshi Kai, following these guidelines is voluntary (but strongly recommended). These are the principles upon which our mission is founded. If anyone does not abide by the guidelines, they cannot consider themselves a member and will be removed from these listings.

1. Members of the American Shidoshi Kai, must obtain a current Bujinkan Hombu Shidoshi Kai membership from Hatsumi Sensei. (There can be no exceptions to this rule as all Bujinkan shidoshi teachers and shidoshi-ho assistant teachers are required to be Hombu members in order to teach and offer rank to their students.)

2. Compliance with the Rules of the Bujinkan as set forth by Hatsumi Sensei.

3. Teaching in accordance with Tenchijin Ryaku no Maki. Especially regarding the basics of Ukemi, Sanshin no Kata and Kihon Happo as the foundation for instructing new students.

4. While there is no standardization of rank structure in the Bujinkan, American Shidoshi Kai members use the contents of the Tenchijin Ryaku no Maki as a foundation in which to rank students.

5. Students should be ranked in proper time. Hatsumi Sensei has mentioned that it should take at least two (2) years to attain shodan level, so that is set as a minimum guideline.

6. In general, following the course and direction in which training is being shown by Hatsumi Sensei in Japan. All shidoshi and shidoshi-ho should attend annual Bujinkan Tai Kai, Daikomyosai or Hombu (Japan) training events. Training directly with Hatsumi Sensei annually is highly recommended.

7. Support the Bujinkan Dojo through participation in local Bujinkan seminars and through the purchase of Bujinkan related books, videos and newsletters.

8. In accordance with Hatsumi Sensei's statements, do not train with individuals in either the Genbukan or the Jinenkan Organization.

9. Finally, members of the American Shidoshi Kai set forth that they will try to work together with warrior hearts.